Landscape Photography Q&A with Melvin Nicholson and Tony Higginson

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In an attempt to offer some light relief during these very difficult times, professional UK landscape workshop photographer Melvin Nicholson and fellow professional photographer Tony Higginson decided to create a light-hearted, in-depth question and answer video on a range of landscape photography related questions posed by their Facebook group followers.

The topics discussed include their favourite locations, photographers and images right through to a variety of technical and post-processing questions. We hope that you enjoy watching the video and please feel free to leave a comment at the end of the video or blog and feel free to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and that of Tony’s too.

Many thanks Melvin

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current social distancing guidelines issued from the government, both Tony and I were recorded in our own homes using video conferencing software to record the Q&A.

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12 thoughts on “Landscape Photography Q&A with Melvin Nicholson and Tony Higginson”

  1. Really enjoyed the Q and A. Very insightful. You were right, it was educational and entertaining. What a great idea. Thanks both. Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you for this video Melvin and Tony! I enjoyed watching it last night. I found your followers’ questions and your answers to them interesting and useful. Looking forward to the sequel.🙂 Till then, please take care.

  3. Fantastic, really appreciate your time, thank you both! I’m sure all the frustrated landscape togs are happy to watch! Part 2 Please!
    I liked the top tip of the series! (Did he say series😮). It came at the end, ‘both of us live alone’. Just googling divorce while in lockdown!
    Seriously thank you both, just the sort of stuff we need in these torrid times, stay safe and thank you both!

    • Hi Steve

      Divorce in lockdown is not a term that I need to Google thankfully, ha, ha. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the Q&A video. Maybe Tony and I shall film another one shortly or something equally as ‘interesting/entertaining/boring/lengthy/educational’ (delete where applicable, lol).

  4. Thanks Melvin & Tony great Q&A, very interesting answers, even if a little longer than planned. Great to see you are both well and in good spirits, and hopefully join one or both of you for a landscape workshop this year, as I’m wanting to get back to what I used to love, Cheers Darren 🙂

    • Hey Darren

      It’s great to hear from you. I am so pleased that you enjoyed our somewhat ‘extended’ Q&A video. We hope to see you before the year’s out (fingers crossed anyway). Stay safe my friend.


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