One Day Photography Workshops

One day landscape photography workshop at Perch Rock Lighthouse with Melvin Nicholson
One day landscape photography workshop at Perch Rock Lighthouse

Our extensive range of one-day workshops allow those who have a limited amount of time to experience a day with other like-minded photographers as well as benefit from the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer.

The one-day workshops can offer intensive training over a short period of time and as such can challenge the photographer to get as much out of the day as possible. For others, it is simply a day out with the camera enjoying the surroundings of stunning landscapes and engaged in the technical and artistic challenges of capturing the landscape in an image that they can be proud of.

Subjects covered include the art of composing an image, getting you off the auto setting and starting to photograph in manual mode and how to use filters (I am an official Nisi filter Promoter and demonstrations on how to use them is included). You can show your image to friends and family, fellow members of your local photography club, or even hang the print on the wall.

Upcoming One Day Photography Workshops