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My Slovenia photography workshops have been created with landscape photography in mind for the beginner and intermediate photographer. I have scouted this country and discovered some of the most beautiful and diverse scenes this great little land has to offer.

The sunny side of the Alps

I have visited New Zealand on several occasions since 2003 and having spent quite a lot of time in Slovenia, I can honestly say that this gorgeous country feels like a small New Zealand. That’s the highest compliment that I can pay this amazing place.

Marvel at the 9,300ft mountains of the Julian Alps and the turquoise waters of the fast flowing Soca River as it carves its way through the lush alpine valley it has created. From the seemingly millions of churches that dot the landscape in every direction that you care to look, to the vast, lush forests that occupy 60% of Slovenia, this country has it all in one small package.

Julian Alps seen from Mangart Pass
Julian Alps seen from Mangart Pass
Sunset at Planšarsko Lake, Zgornji Jezersko, Slovenia
Sunset at Planšarsko Lake, Zgornji Jezersko, Slovenia

Fall in sLOVEnia

Slovenia will have you fall in love with it, just as I have. The endless opportunities to capture some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe and indeed the world, will excite you as you discover so many outstanding areas of natural beauty with your camera. 

As it is surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Slovenia is easily accessible to those who want to discover a hidden gem. Slovenia is fast becoming popular with photographers and its relatively small size allows for the photographer to experience a wide variety of stunning locations within a short period of time.

Lake Bled

Of the many great photographic hotspots, Lake Bled has to be the most enchanting. The Church of the Assumption of Mary sits on an island with a medieval castle perched atop a sheer cliff at the lakeside, seemingly standing guard over this special place.

As if this wasn’t enough of a view, then add to that the beautiful Karavanke Mountains providing the backdrop and you have a view that is simply breathtaking at both sunrise and sunset.

There are many great viewpoints from which to get the best photos, and I will take you there.

Sunrise at Lake Bled
Sunrise at Lake Bled
Lake Bohinj at dusk
Lake Bohinj at dusk

Lake Bohinj

However, the beauty of Slovenia is that just when you think you can’t be more impressed, you’ll find something just around the corner.

The nearby Lake Bohinj and its surrounding forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls are nothing short of incredible. This is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia and sits wedged in a dead-end valley hemmed in by the magnificent Julian Alps.

Lake Bohinj and the surrounding area offer a wealth of opportunities for landscape photography. From misty mornings to colourful sunsets followed by dramatic blue hours, the lake rarely fails to impress.

Beautiful colours

The Julian Alps lie in the north-west corner of Slovenia and have the country’s highest peak, Triglav at nearly 9,500ft towering over the hugely impressive mountain passes of Vrsic and Mangart. The crystal clear turquoise waters of the 138km-long Soca River snakes its way across fertile lands and cuts through rugged gorges on its way to the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

At the peak of autumn these passes, and the Soca Valley are a sight to behold as the gorgeous fall colours contrast with the cool mountain backdrops.

Autumn Golden Larches, Vrsic Pass, Slovenia
Autumn Golden Larches, Vrsic Pass, Slovenia

Churches and Mountains

One of Slovenia’s most distinctive photographic features is its numerous churches and mountain backdrops. In fact, it seems that wherever you look there is a church glimmering on a mountainside.

So it’s no surprise that you’ll also find plenty of great scenes like this to photograph. The beauty of it too, is that you can drive right up to many great viewpoints such as this one here at Jamnik, or the iconic view of Saint Thomas Church nearby, and literally jump right out the van and setup your tripod.

Use of Filters

During your time on my Slovenia photography workshops, we will work closely to ensure that you receive whatever assistance you need to have the experience of a lifetime. I’ll offer all advice needed regarding the technical elements of how to use your camera through to how to compose dynamic and exciting images.

Filters are an integral part of landscape photography and on my workshops we will cover this extensively. As an official Kase Filters partner, you will be given the opportunity to use my full range of Kase filters including advice on how and when to use them.

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