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Official Kase Filters UK Reseller

I am delighted to be an official UK Reseller for Kase Filters.

Best quality filters

I switched to Kase Filters many years ago and continue to use them not only on my workshops but also on my own photography trips both here in the UK and internationally. I must confess that they are the best filter system that I have ever had the pleasure of using and for obvious reasons, wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who demands top quality glass filters.

They continue to exceed my expectations and as such, have definitely raised the bar in terms of ease of use, durability and above all, quality.

You can purchase your Kase Filters via my affiliate link below. In the interest of full disclosure, I am paid a small commission rate should you click on this link and make a purchase. However, the price remains the same to you.

Please Note: All items are dispatched from a UK based central warehouse.

Kase filters K9 holder and polariser
Kase filters K9 holder and polariser
Kase K9 Filter Kit

My choice of filters

I have been using Kase Filters since March 2019 extensively during my personal travels and my workshops in places such as New Zealand, Australia, Canadian Rockies, Iceland, Lofoten, Tuscany, Dolomites, Slovenia, and Crete.

Each country provides different light and even different seasons. These filters have been thoroughly tested in conditions from -40°c in the winter of the Canadian Rockies to 32°c in Crete. I’m happy to say they have proven to be outstanding and resilient in these extreme conditions.

I now exclusively use Kase filters in all weathers. My conclusion is that they are fantastic filters and quite easily the best system that I have used to date. They have become my first choice when it comes to using photography filters.

Why are Kase the best filter system I have used to date?

Kase Filters offer the following:

  • Absolutely no colour casting even when stacking three glass filters together.
  • K9 filter holder can accommodate three slots WITHOUT vignetting even at 14mm on a full frame camera.
  • All the filters are toughened (Pro HD) glass and are expected to normally withstand a drop onto rocks and hard surfaces from 1.2 metres without smashing.
  • Nano coated glass allows for quick and easy wiping of water and dirt. They are genuinely easy to keep clean and smear free. I am very impressed.
  • The 3, 6 and 10 stop ND filters come in 100mm x 150mm sizes meaning easy removal from the holder (as they are a lot deeper than their competitors’).
  • THE MAIN ADVANTAGE IS that the 90mm circular polariser and other circular filters are MAGNETIC. Not having to screw the polariser into the adaptor ring saves me a lot of time on location and it also leaves me confident that the polariser is properly located removing the worry that it will detach due to a shallow amount of thread not locating properly.
Kase K9 Master Kit
Workshop Clients, Sunset, Beadnell, Northumberland

Workshop participants discount code

If you would like to ‘try before you buy’, I have them available on my 1-2-1 tuition days and all my photography workshops both in the UK and abroad.

I offer all my workshop participants the chance to try out any filter from the entire range on offer.

As part of this trial I can also offer an exclusive code for a 10% discount off your subsequent purchase.

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Need help deciding which filters to buy?

Deciding which filters you need can be difficult. I have many years of experience using photography filters, and also expert knowledge when it comes to using Kase Filters. Therefore, as a reseller, I am happy to help you decide which filters would be most suitable to your needs and budget.

If you would like to discuss the range of 100mm Kase Filters, you can contact me directly via my contact page and we can discuss this via email or telephone. Alternatively, should you wish to book a 1-1 tuition day or join any of my workshops, you can use any of my full range of filters and holders to try them out for yourself.