Tripod Protection Storage Cabinet for Clients Tripods on Workshops

I have an admission to make, I am a bit of a perfectionist, very much so in fact and because of this, I am constantly looking at ways of improving what I offer to my clients and how I can enhance the experience for those who attend my landscape photography workshops. I like to think of myself as a problem solver, this trait was refined during my three years training to become a general nurse recently. I am always looking at a problem and trying to come up with a solution.

For some time now, whenever I run a workshop in the UK, I use my Ford minibus to transport my clients around on location. I noticed that my clients store their tripods in the boot of the minibus and usually to the side and usually what happens, is that the tripods get stacked on top of each other and in some cases, camera bags on top of the tripods. This can cause damage to the tripods and naturally, people want to protect their camera equipment in the best way possible. Their cameras, lenses, filters and general camera equipment are protected by the camera bag they have them stored in but more often than not, the tripods are exposed and just placed on top of each other. I decided to use my summer break to come up with a solution to this problem and to that end, I have a new addition fitted to my nine-seater Ford Tourneo minibus that will benefit those who attend any of my UK workshops.

The new addition is a specially designed and built tripod storage cabinet which aims to protect my clients tripods while attending a workshop. Constructed from wood with channels of various widths to accommodate even the mightiest tripod heads, the cabinet provides fantastic protection. I have designed the cabinet so that access to the tripods can be gained from the front even if there are camera bags and clothing on top of the cabinet itself. This allows my clients to retrieve their tripods more easily so that they can quickly set up and get the shot. The interior has been lined with dedicated 4mm van lining material ensuring further protection. Overall I am delighted with the cabinet and the skill of the craftsman who built it. I am sure that it will be a huge benefit to those who join me on my UK workshops and further proof that I constantly strive to put the clients needs first. I look forward to welcoming those who will be attending my autumn and winter workshops shortly and hear their views on the new addition to my minibus.


Melvin Nicholson Photography - Tripod Protection Storage Cabinet
Melvin Nicholson Photography – Tripod Protection Storage Cabinet
Melvin Nicholson Photography - Tripod Protection Storage Cabinet
Melvin Nicholson Photography – Tripod Protection Storage Cabinet
Melvin Nicholson Photography
Melvin Nicholson Photography’s Modern Nine-Seater Ford Tourneo Workshop Minibus

8 thoughts on “Tripod Protection Storage Cabinet for Clients Tripods on Workshops”

  1. What a fantastic idea 👌 there’s nothing worse than a pile of tripods rattling around in the back while your traveling around

    • Thank you Patrick. That’s very kind of you to say. I try to acknowledge the issues that I have when going about my daily business of taking photos and seek a solution. If it works for me, the idea is that it will work for others too. If it saves one tripod from damage and potentially ruining someone’s workshop because of it then it will be worth all the effort and expense.

  2. Excellent idea. Would be interesting over a year to record what tripods people use and then publish results to see which brand and models are most popular and maybe even which customers like the most. Just a thought.

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