The Amazing Topaz DeNoise, Noise Reduction Editing Software

A good friend of mine shared on Facebook three versions of the same image shoot with his Canon 7D MK2 stating that the noise levels were higher than he’d like. He also mentioned that he had run the image through Topaz’s DeNoise noise reduction, noise reduction editing software and found it to be quite simply amazing. As someone who shoots with a Canon EOS R at night (on occasion in Lofoten /Iceland /Canada), and someone who would definitely like better noise reduction as the noise levels are high enough in camera (without running long exposure noise reduction in camera), I am always open to trying out new programs /plug ins to assist me in removing noise.

I currently use Nik’s Define plug in and up till now, it has done a solid job. It is not outstanding but it is better than most of the plug ins /programs that I have tried. So I downloaded Topaz DeNoise on a free 30 day trail with a purchase price of $79.99 (approx £65.00) should I wish to purchase afterwards. I ran an image that I took at night over Derwentwater in the Lake District last month and it is very noisy indeed. The image details are as follows;

Canon EOS R
Canon EF 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm

So I decided to run a comparison test on the single image that you see below, with the intention of ending up with four images that will show you the difference between not using any noise reduction at all, using Nik Define, using Topaz DeNoise and using Topaz A.l. Clear (an even more sophisticated version of DeNoise whose results vary whereas DeNoise applies the same level of noise reduction for each image).

To conduct the test, all I have done is opened the raw file in Adobe RAW, selected the lens correction and chromatic aberration options, click on the ‘auto’ tab to lighten the image up so that you can all see the noise much more clearly, applied the relevant noise reduction treatment and then saved the images as a JPEG sized at 2048 pixels on the longest length.

See the results for yourself. Which noise reduction plug in /editing software is the most effective?

P.S. You will notice that the horizon is not level. This is usually the case when photographing this pier and requires levelling in post processing

Image 1
Unedited, saved as a JPEG and no noise reduction has been applied

Image 2
Unedited, saved as a JPEG and Nik Define used to reduce noise

Image 3
Unedited, saved as a JPEG and Topaz DeNoise used to reduce noise

Image 4
Unedited, saved as a JPEG and Topaz A.I. Clear used to reduce noise

My personal opinion based on the results above is that Topaz DeNoise was by far the most effective in reducing the noise in the image above and by a large margin, especially when compared to my current noise reduction plug in, Nik Define. As such, I shall be purchasing the Topaz DeNoise for £65.00 immediately as I genuinely believe that it will benefit my editing process, especially as there appears to be no loss of sharpness and definition in the image too.

You can try the Topaz DeNoise editing software free of charge for yourself for 30 days and for those interested, I have no affiliation with Topaz or their products.

Many thanks to my good friend Brian Howe too for sharing his findings with me in the first instance.

14 thoughts on “The Amazing Topaz DeNoise, Noise Reduction Editing Software”

    • Hi Brian

      Firstly many thanks for making me aware of Topaz’s DeNoise editing software. I shall be using it from here on in and they recommend that you apply the noise as early in your editing process as possible. As I mentioned in the blog, I too am not affiliated with Topaz #billnomatestoo

      Best wishes Melvin

    • Hi Jill

      Interesting to hear. I suspect that there will be quite a few people out there already using Topaz DeNoise and that I am late to the party. Still, better late than never I say, lol.

      Best wishes Melvin

    • Hi Marius

      This is the extent that I am testing the software. I appreciate that one can test software programs in a huge variety of ways and on a large quantity of images but this was only ever going to be a quick test to show those who might be interested in Topaz to go and test the program for themselves. I’m very happy with the results and I having used Nik’s Define plug in for quite some time now, I shall be switching to Topaz.

      best wishes Melvin

  1. Thanks for this Melvin,i like you have been using Nik Define which was ok,just tried this on some Kingfisher shots at iso 3,200, blimey what a difference.Boots Nik Define out of the park.

    • Hey Dave

      I know, I was as amazed as you at how Topaz performs so much better than Nik. I will be shooting a fair bit of night photography shortly on my trips to Canada (next weekend) as well as Lofoten and Iceland and no longer do I have to worry about shooting at high ISO’s if needed. Topaz has saved the day and I’m very happy to have my good friend Brian Howe recommend the product to me.

      Best wishes Melvin

    • Hi David

      Yes, the Define image is correct. I was absolutely amazed that in this instance, Nik’s Define had absolutely no impact on the image whatsoever. Normally you can see some sort of improvement but there was nothing at all. Perhaps a great image to have chosen considering all things being equal.

      Best wishes Melvin

  2. tried to 30 day trial but as i dont work i cannot justify paying for any more software, i already sub to adobe and have original nik software collection

    • Hi Paul

      Strange how the 30 day free trail will not work for you. I’m not entirely sure why as it worked a treat for me. I too have Adobe Photoshop CC and Nik software but as I will be shooting much more night scenes, I will find Topaz DeNoise a blessing to reduce noise levels.

      Best wishes Melvin


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