Lofoten – watch me photographing this stunning location.

Lofoten Part 1

In February 2019, I spent a week photographing Lofoten in the depth of winter.

I filmed myself photographing in six wonderful locations and in both videos, I explain how I composed the photos that I took in the videos as well as show you the final images taken, the equipment and camera settings used and I also offer up a few tips and tricks to help you improve your landscape photography too.

I hope you all enjoy watching the videos and please feel free to leave a comment either underneath this post or under the videos themselves in YouTube.

The locations visited are:

Part One:
0:00 – 4:46 Reine
4:47 – 8:07 Hamnoy
8:08 – 11:32 Reine
11:33 – 17:44 Fredvang

Lofoten Part2

Part Two:
0:00 – 4:57 Uttakleiv Beach
4:58 – 9:56 Haukland Beach
9:57 – 16:45 Nusfjord
16:46 – 19:59 Haukland Beach

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