Faroe Islands, November 2024


4th-11th Nov 2024

5 Places Left

Workshop Leader: James Kelly

Please Note: This photo tour is solely run by the highly experienced Faroe Islands expert James Kelly

The Faroe Islands are an archipelago of eighteen wild, untamed islands that were created by volcanic activity and the glaciers of the ice age. The Faroes are part of the kingdom of Denmark and although they are self-governing, their way of life is unique with traditions that to this day, remain untouched by modern influences. 

For the landscape photographer however, the Faroe Islands presents some of the most outstanding scenery anywhere in the world, with demanding and somewhat challenging weather providing endless opportunities to capture on camera, some of the finest landscape views available. 

For this seven night landscape photography workshop, I have recruited the services of none other than Scottish born James Kelly, an experienced photographer and fellow expert in all things Faroes related for not only is he married to a Faroese, but he also spends a portion of his year on the island itself, which gives James an enviable amount of knowledge about the island, its people, and their way of life. What James does not know about the Faroes is not worth knowing and if ever there was a location that required local knowledge in abundance, the Faroe Islands are it.  

I have created this workshop for just six attendees, and James will be on hand to provide all the photography tuition you require. You will be based in a beautiful, modern, recently renovated home in Torshavn which is ideally positioned for the locations that we will be visiting, and all meals are included during the workshop, breakfast, lunch, and evening meals. You shall be collected and dropped off at Vagar Airport and transport during the workshop will be provided in the form of a modern, comfortable nine-seater minibus.     

As for the scenery, try to imagine standing in front of majestic mountains and turquoise waters that drift over black volcanic sands. Silhouettes of mighty sea stacks that reach out of the waves. Hear the rush of pulsing waterfalls that stream from the cliffs and feel the damp fog against your face, moving mystically across the lush, green valleys before you. Listen to the peace. Breathe the sea air into your lungs. Open your eyes and watch the changing light cast shadows over peaks and dance across fjords from daybreak until dusk with all the promise of northern lights. The most dramatic natural landscapes are right here in the middle of the ocean. 

The northern lights (aurora borealis) can often be experienced from the Faroes and because of the scare population, dark skies are all around us. Having run workshops and tours in Iceland and Norway since 2017 and having seen the aurora borealis on over fifteen trips, I can confirm that they are truly the eighth wonder of the world. Until you have witnessed for yourself, the spectacular display of the dancing green lights, it is difficult to image just what an amazing impact they will have on you. Aurora chasing is addictive and life enriching.    

So, join James on this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the amazing landscape that is the Faroe Islands. 

NOTE: All images shown belong to Melvin Nicholson & James Kelly

Date and Time
Monday 4th – Monday 11th November 2024

Seven Nights

(£200 deposit, £2,750 balance to be paid by the 4th September 2024. If booking after the 4th September 2024, full amount is payable)

Workshop Leaders
James Kelly

Workshop Attendees

Meeting Place
Vagar Airport
Faroe Islands

Tenerife, Canary Islands. Teide National Park.