Lofoten, Norway, Winter Photography Workshop, February 2021


9th – 15th Feb 2021

Lofoten is without a doubt, one of the most amazing locations to visit for mountain and seascape photography. The 3,000ft mountains tower above the numerous little islands which are connected by bridges. The iconic red fishermens cabins (otherwise known as rorbuers) add interest and a wonderful dash of colour to the coastline. The northern lights will also hopefully make an appearance as we will be visiting them at the perfect time of the year.

This Lofoten landscape photography workshop is a wonderful opportunity to discover the stunning scenery of Lofoten during the height of the winter period, complete with a covering of snow everywhere turning the whole region into a winter wonderland. One of the advantages in visiting Lofoten at this time of the year is that sunrises start around 9am and the sun sets around 4pm although the golden hour in the morning and the blue hour post sunset extends the shooting time to around nine hours a day, perfect for our needs. All locations visited and reachable within 30-45 minutes from the house, most only 30 minutes or less so there is not a lot of time spent in the minibus.

Our choice of accommodation for this workshop is a beautiful recently renovated seven bedroom house complete with ocean views, two large lounges and two kitchens. Everyone will have a double room to themselves complete with a double bed with shared bathrooms. This is a self catering workshop although we aim to spend our evenings both staying home and cooking a communal meal together and also eat out at a local restaurant in Ramberg as the prices are reasonable and the quality of the food excellent.

Stunning Sunset at Hamnoy, Lofoten, Norway
Sakrisoy, Lofoten, Norway