Lofoten, Norway, Photography Workshop, November 2019


1st – 7th Nov 2019

6 available

Lofoten is without a doubt, one of the most amazing locations to visit for mountain and seascape photography. The 3,000ft mountains tower above the numerous little islands which are connected by bridges. The iconic red fishermens cabins (otherwise known as rorbuers) add interest and a wonderful dash of colour to the coastline. The northern lights will also hopefully make an appearance as we will be visiting them at the perfect time of the year.

This six day Lofoten landscape photography workshop is a wonderful opportunity to discover the stunning scenery of Lofoten during the changing of the colour in the height of the autumn season and with a bit of luck, we might also get to see snow on the peaks. One of the advantages in visiting Lofoten at this time of the year is that sunrises start around 8am and the sun sets around 3.30pm although the golden hour in the morning and the blue hour post sunset extends the shooting time to around nine hours a day, perfect for our needs. All locations visited and reachable within 30-45 minutes from the house, most only 30 minutes or less so there is not a lot of time spent in the minibus.

Our choice of accommodation for this tour is a beautiful recently renovated seven bedroom house complete with ocean views and a large lounge. Everyone will have a room each complete with a double bed with shared kitchen/lounge and bathrooms. This is a self catering tour although we may eat out at a local restaurant in Ramberg on a couple of the nights to save us cooking. Food and drink is not included in the tour price.


Here is a brief itinerary detailing our schedule. For a more detailed itinerary, please email me at info@melvinnicholson.co.uk and I will email it to you. While the itinerary looks fixed, it is really only an indication of the locations we will be visiting and the decision to alter our plans depending on the weather and light will be taken if needed.

Day 1 – Friday 1st November 2019
Leknes Airport, Ramberg
I land into Leknes airport 10pm the day before the workshops starts. This allows me to collect the nine-seater Ford Tourneo minibus (so plenty of space for luggage, clothing and camera equipment) and prepare the house for everyone. I will collect the six workshop attendees at 10pm on Friday from the airport before heading to our house near Ramberg (40 minute journey).


Day 2 – Saturday 2nd November 2019
Reine, Sakrisoy, Hamnoy
The day starts with a visit to perhaps the most beautiful of villages in Western Lofoten, Reine. Here we will arrive pre-dawn to watch the start of another day where we will spend the morning discovering the various viewpoints that allow us access to the beautiful little red rorbuers on stilts in the foreground while being flanked by the towering 2,200ft granite mountain Olstinden. Mid morning will see us move 5km up the road to Sakrisoy for a couple of hours before lunch before spending the rest of the day exploring Hamnoy, perhaps the most famous viewpoint of Lofoten.

Red Rorbuer, Sakrisoy, Lofoten, Norway
Red Rorbuer, Sakrisoy, Lofoten, Norway

Day 3 – Sunday 3rd November 2019
Nusfjord, Myrland Beach, Skagsanden Beach
Sunrise shoot at one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing hamlets in Loftoen, Nusfjord. This gorgeous little coastal fishing village oozes charm and atmosphere. The quaint fishing boats lie silently in the calm waters of the Bottelvika Bay while the colourful red and yellow rorbuers line the rocky water’s edge backed by the mountain of Nesheia.

Late morning onwards will see us visit the beach of Myrland which is considered one of the hidden gems of Lofoten. With its array of large boulders on the beautiful small sandy beach, it makes a great place to shoot whatever the tide times. After lunch, we will enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of Skagsanden Beach in Ramberg. This flat, sandy beach is known for it’s stunning sand patterns and reflections of the surrounding mountains on top of the surface water. There are plenty of rocky outcrops to focus on too and if the northern lights do decide to show itself, this is the beach that we will be returning to (among other locations too)

Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten, Norway
Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten, Norway

Day 4 – Monday 4th November 2019
Ballstad, Haukland Beach, Uttakleiv Beach

We will be up early to drive the 45 minute journey to Ballstad to capture pre-dawn. This popular little place is one of the biggest fishing villages of Lofoten with nearly 1000 residents. However our interest will lie in the wonderful orange cabins that line the harbour while Mt Skottinden offers up some stunning scenery in the background.

Mid-late morning onwards to sunset will have us visit two beaches, Haukland and Uttakleiv. Haukland Beach nestles north of Leknes and is considered to be one of Lofoten’s most famous beaches as well as its most beautiful (nearby Uttakleiv Beach perhaps the most romantic although we will not be visiting with a candlelit meal in hand, just our cameras). The white sand and crystal clear blue waters will ensure that we will capture some stunning images regardless of the weather. Uttakleiv is home to the famous ‘Monster’s eye’ rock and that shall be one of the subjects that we will visit and we will hopefully experience a fantastic sunset here too. Again, if the northern lights decide to show, this is another location worth visiting.

Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten, Norway
Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten, Norway
Aurora Borealis, Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten, Norway
Aurora Borealis, Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten, Norway – Robin Köhler Photography

Day 5 – Tuesday 5th November 2019
Hamnoy, Agvatnet Lake, Reine

Day five starts with a pre-sunrise shoot at Hamnoy, one of the most photogenic and definitely the most popular location in Lofoten and with views in the photo below, little wonder really.  The iconic and world famous backdrop of the 2,300ft mountain Lilandstinden forms a truly stunning backdrop to the iconic red rorbuers by the water’s edge. While you will invariably see a lot of these kind of scenes during our six days in Lofoten, the difference will always be the light. Shooting pre-sunrise will give us the best opportunity to capture some colour while the light during the rest of the day is low and soft resulting in some fantastic chances to capture some amazing images.

Mid morning we head to Agvatnet Lake, just a short 20 minute drive west to discover what treasures the lovely little village has for us. After lunch, back to Reine for our second visit of the week and a sunset session to photograph the soft lowering light on Olstinden in the distance. Because we are visiting in the height of winter, the whole peninsula will look like a white winter wonderland.

Lilandstinden Mountain, Hamnoy, Lofoten, Norway
Lilandstinden Mountain, Hamnoy, Lofoten, Norway
The ittle Bridge, Reine, Lofoten, Norway
The Little Bridge, Reine, Lofoten, Norway
Reine, Lofoten, Norway
Reine, Lofoten, Norway

Day 6  – Wednesday 6th November 2019
Skagsanden Beach Flakstad, Haukland, Uttakleiv
Our final full day of the workshop and we will be revisiting some of our favourite locations to capture them in different light and different tide times. The beautiful Skagsanden Beach at Flakstad before sunrise is first on our list. Back to base for breakfast followed by a visit to Haukland Beach mid-morning and Uttakleiv after lunch until sunset.

Day 7  – Thursday 7th November 2019
Leknes Airport
Sadly the time has come to leave Lofoten behind and board a plane home at 5.55am so a very early start to have you all at the airport in time but I am positive that during your flight home you will reflect on what will be I am absolutely sure, a trip of a lifetime for you all. I hope you can join me.

Images courtesy of Robin Köhler Photography

Flights are not included in the tour price but I will be flying from Manchester to Leknes THE DAY BEFORE THE WORKSHOP STARTS. Luggage allowances as standard are 8kg cabin and 23kg hold luggage. Flight prices are the least expensive from Manchester and are priced between £400-£600 depending on how many seats are left on the smaller plane from Bodo to Leknes. Booking early will ensure a cheaper price.

I am flying with SAS Airlines and Wideroe (all booked through the SAS website).

I will collect all six tour participants at 10pm from the airport on Friday 1st November 2019


Our mode of transport for this tour is a new nine seater Ford Tourneo minibus (or similar) hired directly from Leknes airport. This will ensure that there is plenty of space for us all including luggage, clothing and camera equipment.

This is a self catering tour. All meals, snacks and drinks are not included although I will buy some basic food provisions on arrival for the house.

For this particular tour I have chosen a beautiful recently renovated seven bedroom wooden house that is perfectly located by a shoreline near Ramberg, so perfectly placed for all of the locations we will be visiting. The house has seven bedrooms (six double and one single so everyone has a double room as I will take the single room), two showers, three WC, a fully fitted and equipped kitchen, an eight place dining table for evening meals and a tipple of your favourite beverage at night, wooden interior walls and high ceilings, underfloor heating, a comfortable lounge area and stunning ocean views. It has everything that we need for a great few days away.

NOTE: All location images courtesy of Robin Köhler Photography who has very kindly granted me permission to feature his images in absence of mine until I run this tour for the first time in October 2018. You can view Robin’s work below;
Website, Facebook

Our seven bedroom base for the five nights
Lofoten Photography Workshop, Melvin Nicholson Photography
Lofoten Photography Workshop, Melvin Nicholson Photography Bathroom 1
Lofoten Photography Workshop, Melvin Nicholson Photography Bathroom 3
Lofoten Photography Workshop, Melvin Nicholson Photography Hallway

Lofoten Photography Workshop, Melvin Nicholson Photography Dining Room 1