Kase Wolverine Light Pollution Filter


Kase Wolverine 100mm Light Pollution Filter
The Kase Wolverine Light Pollution (Neutral Night) filters are your perfect companion for night time photography, both astrophotography and cityscape images. The filter works by reducing the orange sodium glow that is associated with old style street and residential lighting. It filters this light source, reducing the amount that reaches your camera’s sensor.

The Kase Wolverine filters are a professional grade filter and are created from toughened glass for extra durability. They have been designed to withstand falls onto hard surfaces such as rocks, concrete etc making them virtually indestructible.

They are scratch resistant and very easy to wipe dry and keep clean. All filters come complete with a flat carrying pouch.

Size: 100x100mm
Thickness: 2mm
Toughened Pro HD Optical Glass
Reduce Sodium Light Pollution
Metallic Nano Electrocoated glass
Shock resistant to dropping
Scratch resistant
Water repellent
Easy to clean

What’s in the box?
1 x 2mm Kase 100x100mm Wolverine Glass Light Pollution Filter (Neutral light)
1 x Filter Pouch


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