Kase Soft Filter Bag 100mm


Kase Soft Filter Bag 100mm
These lovely Kase canvas filter bags hold up to ten 100x150mm filters AND a filter holder in the separate front pocket. The exterior is a tough, hardwearing canvas and the interior features ten filter pockets that are flannelette lined to protect your filters. There is a 14” long detachable strap that allows you to hang the bag from your tripod and it is housed in its own pocket on the rear of the bag. The main bag has a double zip that closes the bag entirely ensuring that your filters will not fall out. There is also a Velcro loop located on the rear of the bag that allows it to be mounted around a tripod leg.

Kase Soft Filter Bag 100mm
Tough, hardwearing canvas exterior with full length zip including long plastic tabs for easy opening. Zip can be opened from both sides of the bag
Front exterior flap with Velco tab (covering the exterior filter holder pocket)
Soft lined filter pockets to protect your filters
14” long detachable rear mounted strap to allow the bag to be hung on a tripod
Rear Velco loop allows you to position the bag on a tripod leg






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