Kase K8 Kit – Slim 100mm Holder & Magnetic Polarising Filter


Kase K8 Filter Holder Kit – New 100mm Holder & Slim 86mm Magnetic Polariser

The Kase K8 100mm filter holder kit comes complete with a durable yet lightweight precision crafted CNC aviation grade aluminium holder, a magnetic circular polariser and four metal adaptor rings (67-82mm step-up, 72-82mm step-up, 77-86mm and 82-86mm).

One of the main benefits of the Kase filter system is that the polariser sits at the rear (closest to the lens front element). This ensures that there is no vignette when using up to three filters in the holder, even on 16mm lenses on a full frame camera. There are also no reflections to worry about too.

The polariser is also magnetic which is a far superior option to the screw on systems from other brands. It also allows the polariser to be attached and removed extremely quickly and easily. There is no light leakage too as the polariser sits within the metal adaptor ring ensuring a tight fit and in order to rotate the polariser, you simply turn the small red metal cog that is located on the side of the filter holder.

The holder has a side mounted locking screw to ensure that it sits exactly where placed on the metal adaptor ring and this ensures that accidental removal of the holder is eliminated. There are 2mm deep guide rails fitted to hold up to two filters with an extra one included in the box (and extra deep screws too) for you to add should you wish to run three filters.

The Kase K8 filter holder is compatible with 100mm filters from most other brands.

What’s in the box?
Kase K8 100mm Filter Holder
86mm Slim Magnetic CPL (circular polariser filter)
2 x Geared adaptor rings, 77-86mm & 82-86mm magnetic
2 x Step-up rings, 67-82mm & 72-82mm
2mm and 1.1mm filter slots – 2mm fitted as standard
Filter slot screwdriver & 4 x extra-long screws
1 x spare foam gasket (applied directly onto the holder, not the filters)


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