Lake District

Crow Park, Derwentwater, Lake District
Crow Park, Derwentwater, Lake District

Sharpen Your Photographic Skills in England’s Most Picturesque Place

Picture it.

The flat mirror of Ullswater stretches out in front of you as the sun peeks over the horizon. Thousands of tiny details. Trees and clouds, reflects in the lake, the day’s first birds wheel overhead, golden light creeps through the morning mists. One perfect moment.

Snap goes your shutter, and it’s preserved forever.

And it’s only the first day of your Lake District photography workshop.

Over the duration of the workshop, you’ll capture the sweeping vistas over Derwentwater, find the hidden beauty in Castlerigg’s stone circle that’s captivated visitors for over 3,200 years, and learn to look at everything you see as a new opportunity to hone those photographic skills. Even as you learn about everything from photo composition to making the most of your camera, you’ll constantly be smiling as you shoot.

Photography Should Be Fun

Nobody picks up a camera because they hate the thought of taking pictures. Whether you’ve got an artistic urge, or a love of amazing scenery, one of our photographic workshops should be a fun, affirming experience. This isn’t ‘camera basics for beginners, this is camera skills for everyone at every level.’ This is you, me and a group of likeminded people making the most of their hobby and of the amazing scenery.

During your time with me, you’ll be able to pick my brains about different cameras (my time spent selling them wasn’t a waste after all) and I’ll share some of my best tips on scene composition, picking the perfect shot and most importantly of all – enjoying the hobby!

Whether you’re returning to photography after a long break, or you’re looking to take the next step towards amazing or even award-winning pictures, you’ll learn a lot on my courses and have a laugh along the way.

In years to come, when you look back at your time in the Lake District, you’ll wonder if it really was so beautiful. Fortunately, after your Melvin Nicholson photography workshop, you’ll have the literal photographic memories to prove it!

What to Expect From a Workshop

I love the Lakes. This part of the country is packed with opportunities for anyone with a camera and a bit of inspiration. The only problem is that there’s too much to see in an afternoon, or even in a whole day! That’s why I run multi-day workshops that take in the following great locations:


I don’t play favourites, but if I did Derwentwater would be my favourite place to shoot. It’s so photogenic that you’ll struggle to take anything but amazing pictures! We’ll explore the beautiful wooden jetties that service the traditional ferries, capture stunning vistas from Friar’s Crag, and practice your framing and composition by photographing one of Derwentwater’s several islands.


The water speed record was set repeatedly on Coniston, but we’re more interested in quality than velocity. The Old Man of Coniston is a perfect subject for practicing your landscape shots, while the lake’s steam yachts always manage to catch the light just right for an interesting picture or two.


If Derwentwater is quaint and Coniston Water impressive, I’d describe Ullswater as elegant. My workshops have certainly resulted in some truly stunning pictures that’d grace any elegant photoexhibition! As we hug the shore and take in the lake-level scenery, I’ll show you that there’s more to great landscape shots than elevation.


There aren’t many places I’d take a whole group just to look at one lonely tree. In fact, there’s only one place. The lone birch tree at the north edge of Buttermere must have mystical properties, because I’ve never known anyone take a bad picture of it! The Scots Pines at the south end of the lake are also a great place to practice your nature shots.

As the workshops last for multiple days, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy the Lake District’s famous hospitality, as we sit down after a day’s shooting to discuss the finer points of the photographer’s art and swap stories about why we love this hobby so much.

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