Photo of Melvin Nicholson running a photography workshop in Iceland
Group landscape photography tour in Iceland

We offer both one-day workshops and multi-day tours. People attend one or the other for very different reasons.

Multi-Day Tours

Our multi-day tours allow for people to immerse themselves in landscape photography over several days. We will explore an area and shoot in a different location each day, or sometimes in more than one location on a single day.

Some people will join us on a multi-day tour with the aim of improving their photography skills, or perhaps to view the world around them in a unique way through the honing of their compositional skills. Other people enjoy the social element of a multi-day tour, spending time with like minded photographers who share the same passion as themselves which can lead to the striking up of life-long friendships.

A multi-day tour is ideal for you if you want to combine improving your photography skills with what can also feel like a sight-seeing holiday. For many, this way of learning is preferable. Multi-day tours are a holiday experience that will stay with you forever.

One-Day Workshops

Our extensive range of one-day workshops allow those who have a limited amount of time to experience a day with other like-minded photographers as well as benefit from the knowledge and experience of a professional photographer.

The one-day workshops can offer intensive training over a short period of time and as such can challenge the photographer to get as much out of the day as possible. For others, it is simply a day out with the camera enjoying the surroundings of stunning landscapes and engaged in the technical and artistic challenges of capturing the landscape in an image that they can be proud of. You can show your image to friends and family, fellow members of your local photography club, or even hang the print on the wall.


We can also offer bespoke personalised and dedicated One-to-One tuition for either a single day or over several days. Please visit our separate One-to-One tuition page.

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