Tuscany Photography Workshops

Mist In the Valley, Belvedere, San Quirico d'Orcia, Tuscany, Italy
Mist In the Valley, Belvedere, San Quirico d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy


Tuscany has long been considered one of the most beautiful photography locations in Europe. It possesses gorgeous, golden yellow rolling hills interspersed by narrow streets of medieval towns. The mist fills the surrounding valleys at sunrise and they provide the most wonderful view in which to start your day with and in the evenings, capturing the warm glow of the setting sun over the golden, autumnal landscape is an absolute must.

September in Tuscany offers us the landscape at its most vibrant and the weather is particularly pleasant at around the high teens, early twenties. It is also a quieter, more peaceful experience to that in April /May when most of the photography workshops and tours run. We still however get to experience and enjoy the mist in the valleys in the morning, as well as lone chapels, churches, Cyprus tree lined roads, medieval walled towns and the rolling hills and vineyards which will have just been harvested.

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