I am DELIGHTED to confirm that Benro have sent me some of their beautifully made equipment to test them out on a long term deal but before I head out in the field with the items, I thought that I would film a couple of short videos for my YouTube channel showing me unboxing them while giving a brief initial review of what I found.

The items that Benro have sent me include;

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I hope the videos prove useful to those who watch them. Leave a comment or a question below the videos on YouTube if you wish.

Thanks for watching.

9 thoughts on “Benro’s BRAND NEW GD3WH Geared Head & TMA48CXL Tripod – UNBOX & HANDS ON REVIEW”

  1. Hi Melvin – If you use the short column and ‘splay’ the legs to (almost) horizontal presumably the useable height is much less than 40cm? …do they also offer a levelling bowl? Thks, Ian

  2. I watched your YouTube video on the BENRO GD3WH geared tripod head and I bought one. I expect delivery soon and based on what you have described, I am confident that it is a quality item that will fit my macro photography needs. Thanks for the informative review.

    • Excellent to hear. I hope it serves you well. I’m really enjoying mine for sure. It’s a beautifully made piece of kit and so light too, especially for the money. Let me know what you think once you’ve tested it for a while. I’ll be interested to hear.

      Best wishes Melvin

  3. Hi Melvin
    Will the geared head fit on the Travel Angel tripod instead of the ballhead? And if so, is it suitable for use on that tripod?

  4. Hi Melvin. I have bought both the TMA48CXL and the GD3WH and all are working well apart from one small problem. I have a Neewer levelling base which when fitted contacts the lower control wheel of the GD3WH and does not allow it to function. I need a riser/spacer to lift the head up a little. Any recommendations?

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