Welcome to the new nine-seater company minibus

I would like to introduce you to my very latest company purchase from my local Ford dealership Evans Halshaw in Preston. This afternoon I excitedly collected the keys to a stunning luxury nine-seater Ford Tourneo Custom Limited long wheelbase minibus. I am delighted to be in a position to upgrade my landscape photography workshop company transportation that will have my clients driven around in increased comfort and style on workshops. This minibus is fully loaded with nine seats that recline, a huge rear luggage compartment ideally suited to tripods, camera bags and clothing as well as dedicated air conditioning for all passengers, front and rear as well as sunshine blinds that can be pulled up to protect those travelling in the rear from the sun. My previous vehicle, a seven seater Ford Galaxy was a superb car but not really large enough to comfortably accommodate more than five passengers. This new minibus will ensure that larger workshops can now be created and run for those who had sadly missed out on joining me on certain workshops previously.

I will be giving the new minibus a decent run to the west coast of Ireland for a week starting this Sunday. I have never visited Ireland before and I am so looking forward to venturing to new locations and discovering the wonders of the west coast. I will be spending a couple of days with a local Irish photographer by the name of Bernard Geraghty as we seek out to photograph the locations that will form the basis of a new four-day workshop on the west coast of Ireland that we will both run together. We aim for the workshop to take place this coming September. If you are interested in registering your interest for this workshop and you have not yet subscribed to my newsletter, please feel free to do so by clicking HERE. Those who subscribe will be notified first via email of all my latest workshops and those created for 2018.

You can follow my travel exploits by following my Facebook photography page and also my Instagram account.  BIG thanks to those who already support me either by following me online, watch my YouTube videos, attend a workshop or a 1-2-1, buy prints from me or listen to me during my many lectures and talks in camera clubs around the country throughout the year. I really could not do it without you so a BIG thank you. You all allow me to continue living the dream. I hope you’re all having a wonderful spring and I hope to see you soon.

Best wishes Melvin

Taking delivery of my new Ford Tourneo
Taking delivery of my new 9 seater Ford Tourneo

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new nine-seater company minibus”

    • Thank you very much Katy. I cannot wait to start ferrying around my clients in it. It’s quite a step up from my previous vehicle (Ford Galaxy) and this is perfect for the lifestyle and business I run.

      Best wishes Melvin


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