I have sadly cancelled my New Zealand talk at the 2019 Photography Show

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that I have decided to cancel my New Zealand talk on the Fotospeed stand at The Photography Show at 11am this Sunday. For those of you who have heard the truly awful news from Christchurch, New Zealand, I have decided that I do not feel right in presenting a talk about my two weeks spent in New Zealand last September. My sincere condolences and sympathy goes to the families and all those affected by the tragic events.

Those who know me well will testify how much I love New Zealand. I have family and friends who live there. I have visited the country on several occasions and shall do so again at the end of April to run my ten day workshop. I have a very close connection with the country and consider New Zealand to be like a second home to me, such is the love that I have for the country and its people. I do not mind admitting that I feel numb today and still remain in shock on hearing the news. Because of this, I do not feel comfortable or even able to show my images while recalling funny stories and telling a joke or two on Sunday.

I appreciate that some people will think this is an over reaction on my behalf but ultimately I have to do what I feel is right for me and I only hope that people will understand that. I am genuinely upset in having to let down Toby and Vince at Fotospeed and I thank them for their understanding at this time. Even though I shall not be presenting my talk, I have decided to be present at the stand at 11am to announce the decision to those who may not have seen my announcement online and I am happy to stand and talk freely with people on the stand if the space is empty and available.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and I hope to see you all soon.

Best wishes Melvin

18 thoughts on “I have sadly cancelled my New Zealand talk at the 2019 Photography Show”

  1. Im sure that everyone will understand your decision Melvin , I know no-one in New Zealand and yet I too feel numbed by the pain and hurt this has caused to so many innocent people , you will be respected for your decision to withdraw from your talk on Sunday , and Im sure that given time you will be able to give your talk , all the best for the moment

  2. I think you are showing commendable respect and symphathy in the face of this awful news, and I am sure no-one could possibly fault you for this. All our condolences go to those in Christchurch.

    • Thank you Sharon. I guess my sympathy developed when I spent three years training to become a general nurse between 2008-12. I saw the best and worst in people, especially during times of extreme pressure. We have such an ability to do good and to be a positive role model that when something like this happens, I guess I along with the vast majority of the public, we just cannot understand why.

  3. Having spent time with you travelling NZ, and indeed having met you there, fellow Pomes in NZ on earlier trips for us both, I empathise completely and I am sure others can find some way to understand your decision.
    You call NZ your second home, as you know it actually is my home now and has been for 15 years, and today my heart is breaking. You bring a happy NZ to life in your amazing photos another day soon though eh, don’t let these b******s win out! xx

    • Hey Lisa. Oh my, what has happened to the world when New Zealand, a small country that harbours no ill feeling towards anyone comes under attack in such a brutal manner. It’s comprehensible to me and even more so to you seeing that you made the country your home. xxx

  4. Total respect Melv…I could only shake my head tight lipped if I stood there….Thoughts are with all those those including family, friends and loved ones affected by this awful event… Lost for words but sharing the shock and WHY???????????????? We are all human….none perfect but all seeds of mother earth….

    • Thank you John. I guess the senselessness of it all has just flicked a switch in my mind and I’m at a loss to accept what happened. The fact that it happened in New Zealand has confirmed that there is nowhere safe anymore and the world is a far poorer place for it.

    • Thank you Mark. It did not even feel like I had an option to be honest. Gut feeling has to take priority sometimes I’m afraid. I will still be present on the stand for a chat as it is the least I could do but no presentation sadly.

    • Thank you very much Wyn. Glad to know I do not feel alone at the moment. As someone who holds New Zealand and its people dear to their heart, yesterday’s events have hit home more than even I expected.

  5. Completely understandable and all credit to you for still appearing on the stand. Hope something positive comes out of the terrible events in Christchurch, and I’m certain you’ll have a good trip next month.

    • Thank you Brian. It was lovely to see several people still attending and wanting to chat and to listen to me explain my decision to not present the talk. I feel happier with my decision now and thank you to Fotospeed for their understanding too.

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