2020 Calendar Poll Results / Pre-Order my 2020 Calendar

WOW, what a response I received from over 250 of you who, when asked to decide which twelve images should grace my A3 2020 Calendar, stepped forward and voted in droves.

Just to recap, I wanted the process of creating my 2020 calendar to be an interactive experience and so I made the decision that I wanted to give you all an opportunity to assist me by deciding which twelve images should make up my A3 2020 Calendar. I asked you all to choose just one image per month from the five images shown (making sixty images to choose from all twelve months), and you all set about choosing your favourites. I am genuinely thankful for all your time, effort and energy in making the decisions for me, because when you’re as close to your work as I am, the decision which images stay and which images go, becomes a seriously difficult one.

So the images have been selected, the calendar has been created and it can be PRE-ORDERED by clicking the link below. You can also read the full list of the poll results for all sixty images. This will give you an idea as to which images performed better than others.

So, just to finish this blog by THANKING YOU ALL once again for your input and for leaving lovely comments at the end of the poll and for also writing to me personally with such kind words about my work. I am delighted that you all appeared to enjoy the experience in helping me create my calendar. See you all again next year?

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Melvin Nicholson Photography 2020 Calendar
FRONT COVER, A3 2020 Calendar – Melvin Nicholson Photography
TYPICAL PAGE LAYOUT, A3 2020 Calendar – Melvin Nicholson Photography


Red Ice, Iceland – 52 Votes
Blue Ice, Iceland – 90 Votes WINNER
Reine, Lofoten – 55 Votes
Hamnoy, Lofoten – 35 Votes
Kirkjufell, Iceland – 27 Votes

Vik, Iceland – 24 Votes
Lake Haldsvågen, Lofoten – 64 Votes
Mountain Summit, New Zealand – 36 Votes
Emergency Hut, Iceland – 58 Votes
Haukland, Lofoten – 77 Votes WINNER

Arnarstapi, Iceland – 41 Votes
Jökulsárlón, Aurora Borealis, Iceland – 54 Votes
Milford Sound, New Zealand – 46 Votes
Kirkjufell Aurora Borealis, Iceland – 111 Votes WINNER
Snow Capped Mountain, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland – 7 Votes

Rydal Tree, Lake District – 68 Votes
Sunrise, Windermere, Lake District – 114 Votes WINNER
Lake Matheson, New Zealand – 23 Votes
Sunset, Kirkjufell, Iceland – 36 Votes
Misty Morning, Waterhead, Lake District – 18 Votes

Chapel of St. Nicholas, Crete – 29 Votes
Durdle Door, Dorset – 79 Votes
Borve Beach, Harris – 80 Votes WINNER
Sunset, Durdle Door, Dorset – 33 Votes
Sunset, Millerground, Lake District – 38 Votes

Lago di Braies, Dolomites – 38 Votes
Hamnoy, Lofoten – 50 Votes
Mangersta, Isle of Lewis – 72 Votes WINNER
Nugget Point Lighthouse, New Zealand – 55 Votes
Fisherman’s Cabin, Waikawa, New Zealand – 44 Votes

Gallows Hill, Yorkshire – 97 Votes WINNER
Sunrise, Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand – 23 Votes
Koropuku Falls, Catlins, New Zealand – 46 Votes
Lightning Strike, Jodrell Bank Telescope, UK – 73 Votes
Hopetoun Falls, Australia – 20 Votes

Mirror Reflection, Sunset, Kirkjufell, Iceland – 54 Votes
Sunrise, Reine, Lofoten – 19 Votes
Sunrise, Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis – 108 Votes WINNER
Fiery Sunrise, Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand – 52 Votes
Sunset, Reynisdranger, Vik, Iceland – 26 Votes

Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites – 38 Votes
Lilandstinden, Lofoten – 14 Votes
Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye – 50 Votes
Kaka Beach, New Zealand – 65 Votes
Sunset, Tre Cime di Lavaredo – 92 Votes WINNER

Misty Morning, Windermere, Lake District – 64 Votes
Mountains, Alpe di Siusi, Dolomites – 45 Votes
Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten – 32 Votes
Misty Morning, Corfe Castle, Dorset – 75 Votes WINNER
Misty Rydal Tree, Lake District – 43 Votes

Beached, Rif, Iceland – 30 Votes
Sunset, Alpe di Siusi, Dolomites – 65 Votes
Old Police Hut, Arrowtown, New Zealand – 77 Votes WINNER
Lone Tree, Great Ocean Road, Australia – 51 Votes
Old Wooden Shed, Glen Etive, Glencoe, Scotland – 36 Votes

Myrdal Church, Vik, Iceland – 33 Votes
Fogbow, Rannoch Moor, Scotland – 129 Votes WINNER
Ingjaldshólskirkja Church, Iceland – 20 Votes
Dusk, Hamnoy, Lofoten – 51 Votes
Budir Church, Iceland – 26 Votes


6 thoughts on “2020 Calendar Poll Results / Pre-Order my 2020 Calendar”

  1. All these were outstanding Melvin
    I did not receive in time as I changed phone carriers and all were not transferred. ( you were one)
    But we’re all set for any new e-mails now!!

  2. A superb collection of monthly images from the poll, and yet some great images that didn’t quite make the 12.
    A calendar to be proud of Melvin. As always, looking forward to seeing more of your work throughout the year.

    • Hi Ed. Many thanks indeed. I’ve a trip to Canada and Tuscany next month to kick off my autumn schedule, followed by Venice, Dolomites, Assynt and Iceland in Oct and the Lake District, Lofoten and Harris and Lewis twice in November. Phew, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, ha, ha. Here’s looking forward to seeing and photographing some gorgeous scenes in the next few months.

    • One man’s meat is another man’s poison. I’ve never heard that saying before Stephen. I’ll have to remember that one, lol. Yes it’s often the case that not a lot of images that you vote for get through to the end. Incidentally, which ones did?


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